Full Time or Part Time?

Have you ever wondered if your employees are really needed on a full time basis? Now as someone who provides part-time CFO and Controller services, I realize my view could be influenced by that. But, I’m writing really from observations over numerous years. So, here are some thoughts on whether full-time or part-time employees are needed.

Hired to Do What

While my focus is on the role of a CFO or Controller, I have noticed at numerous places that there are often people in fairly well paid positions in multiple areas actually devoting only a fraction of their time to tasks that require their greatest skills. In fact, it is really not that unusual that over half of what some management level employees do is really more of a clerical type of functions.

Please don’t think I’m knocking clerical roles. I’m not! In fact, I really believe that their abilities are under-utilized. There are tasks that managers are performing that in reality many clerical people are perfectly capable of performing. They may even be better at these tasks as it causes them to grow in their abilities and experience greater job satisfaction as a result. Don’t underestimate their capabilities. They are often the people needed on a full-time basis. When we expand their roles, we accomplish a couple of things. One, we are then free to decide on full-time or part-time for management positions. There is nothing to stop you from utilizing professional level people on a part-time basis. That leads to the second thing; cost savings. Not only does that part-time management level employee (or contractor in some cases) cost you less, they are often happier in their job because they get to focus their efforts on what they do best.

For more on the possible cost savings, please see Spend Wisely – Go Part-Time. Note in it that not only does a company save money, but the clerical person actually can be paid a better wage. It’s something to think about.

The Point Is

My point is not to tell you that using part-time employees or contractors is better and that you should definitely do it. Each situation has to be analyzed on its own merits. That is precisely the point. You owe it to yourself to evaluate whether full-time or part-time is best for your particular situation. I do offer a word of caution. Many companies just assume that part-time employees will not be as devoted and knowledgeable. Please do not make that assumption. You may be surprised to see just how much you can accomplish with part-time workers, plus you can often get better results and save money in the process.

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