Forget Perfection

From time-to-time we all struggle with the urge to make something just a little better before we finalize it, sometimes never finishing what we are working on. This is natural as we all want to make the best impression, sell a product that will be well received, or be just right with something else. But is this always wise?

Sometimes It Matters

Indeed, sometimes having something just right does matter. For example, we should want our tax returns to be accurate, an annual report to represent reality, etc. However, even here we often will not be completely correct. This can be because of such things as estimates being used or perhaps we simply are unaware of something. Hey, we are human after all. Regardless, these are times when accuracy matters, but even then perfection is really the exception.

Sometimes Seeking Perfection Hurts

Suppose you are developing a new product which you obviously want it to be as good as possible. However, sometimes it is necessary to forget perfection and release a product knowing that flaws will be uncovered. That is an opportunity to make improvements based on customer feedback. But, if you wait too long to release a product you may find you missed the boat and other companies have left you in the dust.

Other examples that frequently cause a problem are launching a new business or getting a website established. These are things that by their very nature are not going to be perfect or even complete when they are started. It is normal to accept the fact that not everything will be as expected and modifications will have to be made. Sometimes you know upfront that something is not quite ready and you will have to develop a temporary work-a-round. The alternative is to never actually open you business or go live with your website. This is worse. Be encouraged not to be paralyzed from acting like the person below, Rather, just do something. After all, we often learn more from our mistakes than from our successes.


The clock in the background is appropriate as it indicates that time is running out. Inaction will not solve his problem.

Get Used to It

The sooner you get used to the fact that perfection is not always possible and in fact the exception, you are free to get unstuck and act. Some things you will decide to abandon, others you will act on knowing that adjustments (perhaps significant ones) will need to be made in the future, and others will end up being less problematic than you anticipated. But that is the way life is .Indecision and inaction are sure fire ways to fail. Here are a couple of quotes that sum this up quite well

“You miss 100 percent of the shots you never take.” – Wayne Gretzky, Hockey great.

“A life spent making mistakes is not only more honorable, but more useful than a life spent doing nothing. “ – George Bernard Shaw.

So there you go, forget perfection and feel free to experiment and be willing to make mistakes. You’ll grow more and be better for it.

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