Fix Rather Than Bemoan What Went Wrong

When something goes wrong how often do hear say someone say, “Why does this always happen to me?” You know these people. They frequently tend to see every failure as traumatic and act like it’s the end of the world. You may even do the same thing yourself at times. Yet this reaction is more than just an attitude.

To Get on Track Think Correctly

Unfortunately, when someone thinks this way they can get stuck in this mindset when what is needed isaction to fix rather than bemoan what went wrong. In our personal life it could be something as simple as a flat tire that elicits this self-defeating attitude. Here’s an idea. Change the tire and get moving. The same applies at work.

Things Will Go Wrong

Because we’re all human and as such prone to making mistakes, you can be assured that in the work world things will go wrong. So what? That’s life and there is no point in wallowing in self-pity. A better course of action is to determine what went wrong and then determine the steps to correct it. Feeling upset and/or sorry for ourselves will not help.

A Business Example

In the article Identify the Worst Case Scenario to Stop It we looked at the importance of preparing in advance just in case things do go wrong. So, taking the example from that posting of preparing a budget only to see the sales and cash projections fall short, we can see how it would be easy to get discouraged. But, if your attitude is one of fix rather than bemoan what went wrong and you have prepared ahead of time a contingency plan then this shortcoming should not be devastating. While it helps and may be critical to understand what went wrong, that does not mean to dwell on it. Get moving on a solution. It does no good to have a why me attitude.

A Caution

It is easy to get drawn into another person’s negative and defeatist attitude. When someone gets started with their negativity get away if you can. If you cannot remove yourself from the situation you will need to help get them back on track and working toward developing a solution.

How do you respond when something goes wrong? Do you catastrophize or do you simply realize that it is not the end of the world and maintain a cool head to set things right?

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