Entrepreneurs Change Things to Improve

There is something that true entrepreneurs do that is a hallmark of being an entrepreneur. Entrepreneurs change things to improve.

A Reality Check

There are three lines you have probably heard, “If it’s not broke, don’t fix it”, “If it’s not broke, it will be” and “If it’s not broke, break it.”

Most people are tempted to abide by the first statement. This is probably because change is so often uncomfortable. Yet, people know in their heart that at some point the way things have been will no longer work. Well, it may work but just not as well as previously. Basically that is an affirmation that everything has a lifespan and will eventually break.

A Cure for the Status Quo

The question becomes, do we wait until something breaks on its own or do we deliberately break it? Again, I think the danger of waiting is probably greater than the risk of making changes before something is broken. That is why entrepreneurs have a hard time sitting on something as it is. While their mere love of change is a contributor, they also know change is the best way to avoid becoming complacent. Let’s just call it preventive maintenance.

How to Approach Deliberate Change

Sometimes we sense that we need to start making some changes but get stuck in a rut trying to do so. In the blog An Unusual Question to Improve Your Business we looked at a question that can help us get unstuck. The question is, “How can we make this worse?” Worse could be for customers, employees, vendors or others. But the idea is that this question frees your mind to throw out unusual ideas since we are not tied to trying to improve, Interestingly this process also tends to generate responses to the suggestions of ways to make things worse that will counter these suggestions.

The good news is that actively doing exercises like this helps us become more flexible and adaptable. We begin to think more like an entrepreneur, and we begin to see the truth of the statement, “Entrepreneurs change things to improve.”

A Balanced Approach

Don’t misunderstand me. This does not mean that just because you are constantly asking questions that things will automatically change. The point is not to get caught waiting too late. Oh, this goes for your employees as well. Encourage them to ask questions. As a business owner, CEO, president, or manager you need to develop openness to employee input. It keeps them actively engaged and you may find they have some good ideas you never thought of.

What about you and your company? Are you able to embrace an environment where questions are constantly asked to test the status quo? In the spirit of entrepreneurs everywhere, we should test regularly to see if something is about to break or if we should go ahead and break it. So be entrepreneurial and remember, entrepreneurs change things to improve.

Without change there is no improvement.

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