Employees Need More than a Paycheck

Have you ever heard a boss say to an employee, “With what I pay you I expect more”? While I certainly understand this idea, a form of this question can be asked in the other direction. Before any small business owners or managers get upset with that idea, please allow me to elaborate.

A Common Scenario

Although not as prevalent as in the past, there are still managers who strive for what they believe is effective, but the tactics used really address efficiency more than anything. They may have the attitude we’ve all heard expressed in the statement, “It’s my way or the highway.” Essentially the manager sets the rules and determines how things are to be done. Combining this thought with the first paragraph, we may come to the conclusion that the statement, “With what I pay you I expect more” is really another way of saying. “It’s my way or the highway.” In other words, the expected “more” is doing it the way the manager wants. While this may in short run actually improve efficiency and even appear to be effective, over the course of time it can be self-defeating. It is as if they think the pay the employees receive is all that matters to them. They often do not remember employees need more than a paycheck.

What Do Employees Need?

I recently read an article on what makes someone an effective manager. Notice I said, effective, not efficient. There was one thing in particular that stood out. Employees wanted a manager who was consistent. The main reason was that without consistency the employees did not know the parameters within which they could operate. These parameters might also be thought of as the limits within which they had the freedom to make decisions on how things can be done and possibly even improved.

This is a concept that has been around for a while, yet American companies generally have been slower to adopt it. But, think about how some companies empower their employees to stop a production line if they see something that doesn’t look right. That is very much the same idea as allowing employees to freely offer suggestions and ideas that will improve a company’s performance.

For many managers to make this transition can be as difficult as making the change from doing everything themselves to allowing employees to work independently. Yet, once that transaction is made the trust and confidence of the manager in the employees increases dramatically. Along with that employees are more trusting of their managers, they feel more at liberty to offer input, and the overall effectiveness and efficiency can both be improved significantly.

How about your company? Do you embrace the idea that it’s not just a paycheck and that employees need more than a paycheck?

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