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We all have heard the statement, “There are no stupid questions, only unasked ones.” But how often do we fail at this? This post was prompted by an online conversation in a group I belong to. Someone had started the conversation mentioning they had a few questions and some were stupid ones. Oh, really?

Employees and Their Need to Know

I worked somewhere once where one of the owners was always asking questions and often couched them with his need to know. He certainly had every right to ask questions. Interestingly this same owner often failed to understand that there were also employee questions that were just as important and that employees could also have a need to know. But, why do I say that?

Job Relevancy

Often employees ask questions for clarification. This makes sense, as without the answers they risk doing the wrong things or doing the right things but the wrong way. Any owner or manager who doesn’t grasp that needs a wake-up call.

A Sense of Assurance

Another reason for employee questions is to have a sense of assurance that they are on track. Are they doing the correct things, at the right time, and in the right way? Yes, they may have been doing their job for a while, but from time to time it helps for an employee to hear reassurance that they are performing what is expected and as expected.


Earlier I wrote in Deaf and Blind Management about the necessity of employees believing their input was heard and considered. It is important that they feel comfortable asking the why and what if questions such as, “Why are we doing it this way or what if we tried this?” Management is more effective when they listen to their people, realizing that they also have good ideas.

At your company are employee questions allowed; no make that encouraged? If not, perhaps it time for some changes.

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