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Hopefully you’ve never worked in a company where all decisions came from or had to be signed off on by one person. What’s wrong with that?

Their All Stupid

All kidding aside, I did have a client once who acted like every employee was stupid. In fact, I even heard this individual makes statements to that effect when he was upset with a decision an employee made. As you can imagine, employee input was marginal at this company. After all, if you’re only going to be called stupid without truly being heard, then why offer suggestions? I touched on this subject previously in Employee Ideas.

Try and Do Without Employees

Now here is something interesting. At this same company the person who thought nearly everyone was stupid also was upset when one of those so-called “stupid” people was late. Why? If they were so stupid, could they actually be trusted to do anything right? This really just demonstrates that the real issue was not whether or not an employee was stupid. The real issue was this particular person wanted absolute control and demanded to make all the decisions. Interestingly, the company had remained at relatively the same size for several years. Hmm, perhaps there is a problem with one person demanding to control every decision and action.

What I’m Not Talking About

Don’t misunderstand me. This in no way means there should not be those who are ultimately responsible for decisions. Obviously there are, just as there is a need for well established procedures. However, no procedure can cover every possible situation and nobody can really make all decisions. It is important that employee input is freely offered when something falls outside the norm. Even in routine planning it is surprising how valuable employees’ ideas can be. Again, none of us know everything, and sometimes the best suggestions come from the most unexpected person.

A Little Respect Please

People who think nobody but themselves and maybe a few others are competent are actually short-changing themselves and missing the opportunity to obtain good and sometimes great ideas via employee input. Not only that, when employees believe what they think and say matters they are much more engaged in their work.

This is food for thought I believe, but then again that’s just my input.

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