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Have you ever worked at a place where just a few people made all the decisions? Those people are missing out on a great opportunity. Employees can surprise you. Sometime employee ideas make a big difference. I touched on employee needs a little in the postings 4 Wants and Needs of Employees, Employee Development, and Employees Need More Than a Paycheck. Now I want to say some more about the specific issue of employee ideas and the value of them.

A Question to Consider

If only a few people make all the decisions and the rest of the employees are expected to just silently follow, does that mean those few making decisions thought it unnecessary to hire people who could actually think? I suspect not and that they really tried to hire those they thought would make a difference in company results. Yet amazingly management in many companies disregards what employees have to say.

It’s Insulting

Everybody likes to think that their ideas are taken seriously. When management chooses to ignore employee ideas they are in a sense insulting them. It is as if they think only they could generate useful thoughts and that employees are essentially just there to act on them. If your ideas have been ignored or criticized as unrealistic, especially before you are allowed to explain them further, how did that make you feel? I’m guessing you did not feel valued as either an employee or a person.

It’s an Opportunity Lost

Managers that think only they have all the answers are missing out. As you know, some companies have employee suggestion boxes. Why? Well, those are companies where they are not surprised that an employee may contribute more than just what they do on a day-to-day basis. They realize that sometimes the best ideas and solutions come from an unexpected source.

How about your company? Are employee ideas taken seriously? Do employees see that you are interested in what they think? Do they know that you value their input beyond what their ordinary responsibilities are?

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