Employee Ideas Revisited

Have you ever worked at a place where all decisions were top down ones and employee ideas were ignored? On the other hand, perhaps you are managing a company that operates this way. Companies that do this put themselves at a distinct disadvantage.

Nobody Knows it All

By cutting off employee input management is limiting the knowledge they have to make decisions. They are effectively shutting down one of the main sources of useful feedback and suggestions on how to improve a company. While those in management may possess special skills, they still can miss important information that will inform their decisions and actions.

Nobody Has a Monopoly on Ideas

You’re probably familiar with the old idea of the company suggestion box where any employee can write a suggestion to improve things and drop it in the box. This can be anonymous or employees may prefer to give their name. Regardless, this is an excellent way to solicit employee ideas that management may have never even thought of, much less given serious consideration. This should not be surprising as nobody has a monopoly on ideas, and, because of their unique perspective, employees often can offer suggestions that will enhance performance.

Make Employees Part of the Solution

In the posting Employees Need More than a Paycheck I referred to the old saying, “It’s my way or the highway” and how this limits the ability of employees to be contributors and even makes them think they are not important. But again, nobody, no matter how smart, trained, educated, or experienced, knows everything.

It is to your advantage to get your employees fully engaged and make use of employee ideas. You may be surprised just how insightful they can be.

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