Employee Development

Your company has experienced growth and as a result you now find yourself facing new challenges. If you are like many business owners and managers, you may be wondering if the employees you have are up to the challenge.

How Have You Prepared for This Moment?

Think back over the time your company has existed. When did you hire each employee? Have you been deliberate in training them? Have you given them responsibilities that challenged their existing level of knowledge and expertise? This is sometimes difficult to do because of the fear of mistakes that cost time and money. However, without this risk your employees will simply not grow. In fact, some of them may choose to leave for a place where they will be allowed to stretch themselves. Employee development is an ongoing endeavor and by its very nature requires some element of risk.

Your Company is Better for It

When your employees are allowed to grow in their knowledge and skills they can then contribute more to the success of the company. Not only is this better for the company, it is better for the small business owner and other employees. There is a lot to be said for knowing that you can leave for a period of time and not come back to a disaster. Additionally, when the next opportunity appears, you will find you have employees who have not only developed valuable skills, they have also proven that they can grow to meet new needs as they arise.

It’s a Team Effort

One of the often overlooked benefits of employee development is that is causes individual employees to consider themselves as an integral part of the team. When they know they will be encouraged to continue developing they are eager to contribute to the future success of the team.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that employee development is crucial and worth the effort and, yes, sometimes inconvenience that it requires. How about your company? Is there an atmosphere that fosters growth? If not, what can you do to change that?

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