Don’t Burst my Bubble

Ever thrown out an idea only to have someone else immediately trash it? You may have thought it or even blurted out don’t burst my bubble.

It’s Human Nature

Unless we restrain our ego it seems to be human nature to find flaws in others’ ideas. There may indeed be flaws, but we need to be careful not to rush to judgement and be negative in our response.

negative thinker

I know there have been times when my immediate thought was expressed with a comment like, “That’ll never work”, sometimes expressed quite emphatically. Of course, I’ve also been on the receiving end of this transaction, resented the immediate rush to judgement and thought the old familiar don’t burst my bubble. That experience has helped me learn to be better at biting my tongue before responding to another’s ideas, no matter how foolish they may seem at first.

A Better Response

Even if what someone says seem totally nuts, in the interest of better relationships it makes sense to hold off on trashing their idea. Instead, try asking some questions such as:

  • Would you mind explaining a little more your thought process
  • I’m missing something. Would you fill me in please?
  • I hadn’t thought of that. Mind if I ask you a few questions?
  • I hadn’t heard that. Are you sure?

These are just a few of essentially unlimited questions we can ask. There are multiple benefits to this approach, such as:

  1. When we ask questions we show respect and keep dialog open
  2. We often learn things we didn’t know
  3. We maintain relationships
  4. We cannot elevate ourselves by pushing others down
  5. Our initial impression might have been wrong
  6. We diffuse our preconceived notions of others

As you can see the idea of don’t burst my bubble has a lot to be said for it. Keep things civil when responding to others’ ideas. You may find yourself on the other end of this in the near future.

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