Dangers of Keeping Employees Uninformed

Do the employees in your company know the things they need to know? Not the things required for performing their job, mind you, but the things that help them understand where the company is headed and how their roles fit into the overall plan. One of the dangers of keeping employees uninformed is that they will only do the things that are clearly their responsibility. Without sufficient understanding of what the company hopes to accomplish, they are less likely to use their creativity to improve things.

Trust is Essential

Assuming you have trust-worthy employees, consider if there is really a good reason to keep them ignorant about the company’s plans and strategies. You can always tell them a little at a time to test their trustworthiness, but if they demonstrate that, then your company will benefit by each employee being privy to the things that will impact their role and the way they do things. Employees who feel trusted are more likely to be fully engaged. They sense they are a part of the team and not just part of the head count.

The uninformed employee becomes the disengaged employee, and this is clearly one of the dangers of keeping employees uninformed. It reduces their contribution to the success of a company.


Employees who understand what a company values and where it wants to head are far less likely to jump ship for another company where they might feel more appreciated. Think about it. Would you want to work every day at a place that thought so little of you that they kept you in the dark about important things that impact not only the company’s future but yours as well?

The dangers of keeping employees uninformed are real and something to consider if you want the most from the people who work for you and desire a stable work force.

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