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Every last one of us had experienced it. And, none of us will forget it. What am I talking about? Quite simply, I’m referring to an experience with a company that just simply leaves us with a bad taste in our mouth. In other words, the experience where we walked away thinking, they have no idea what customer service is all about.

The Customer Has Expectations

Several weeks ago I blogged about how the old saying, “The customer is always right” was not actually true, but it should help us understand how a customer expects and deserves to be treated. You can read that here. Is the Customer Always Right? The bottom line is that a customer should leave their interaction with a company believing they were treated fairly and as if they were right, even if they realize they were not entirely correct in their position.

A Personal Experience

Recently I had an issue with my TV service when it was necessary to install a converter box because of some changes with my provider. After attempting a self-installation and later talking to support to get additional help, it was apparent that a technician would have to resolve the issue. That was done satisfactorily and all was well; that is, until I got my next bill which had a charge for the service technician. I called customer service to exlpain that I had not been told there would be a charge, and that the only reason I required help is that the self-install with company phone assistance had not worked. Furthermore, the issue had actually been as a result of their equipment. To make a long story short, the company reversed the charge, noting that I had been a long-term customer. But what was most impressive is that the customer service rep who agreed to reverse the charge also explained how I could minimize the chance of charges in the future. This last thing was not something she had to do and actually went beyond my expectations. Do you think this action made a strong favorable impression on me? You bet it did.


Whenever we are having interaction with a customer or potential customer, it is imperative that we do as we have often been told and “Put ourselves in their shoes.” Being deliberate about showing empathy toward a customer or client goes a long ways toward creating good feelings and preserving relationship with people that keep us in business.

Who are your Customers?

Don’t forget that our customers are not just those who buy from us. Even within a company there are many internal customers that have similar expectations. Sales people need quality service from employees that provide them critical information. Likewise, someone in accounting may need prompt and understanding service from warehouse personnel. The list of those we serve internally is extensive. It has often been said that, like it or not, we are all in sales. Let’s just add to that that we are all in customer service!

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