Critical Questions When Considering QuickBooks

So you’ve decided you want to use QuickBooks. Here is a word of caution. First, determine what you need to accomplish with QuickBooks and the benefits you expect before you choose QuickBooks.

What You Need

There are a number of key considerations when deciding if QuickBooks is the correct software for your company. One of the first things that should be done is to determine what you need from your accounting system. In fact, this is really something to do before you even consider QuickBooks or any other program as your accounting software. As powerful and flexible as it is, QuickBooks is not always the correct choice. I say that as a Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor, but it is a reality. That said, here are a few things to ask when considering QuickBooks or any other accounting program:

  1. Will you track inventory?
  2. If you do track inventory will the software be able to handle the number of inventory parts?
  3. Do you make and/or stock sub-assemblies?
  4. How many customers do you have?
  5. How many vendors do you have?
  6. Will you do payroll using the accounting software?
  7. Do you need to track customer jobs?
  8. Will multiple people be using the software at the same time?
  9. What level of security will be needed for different users?
  10. Will you require remote access?
  11. Who in your company will use it?
  12. Do you have someone who can adequately operate the software?
  13. Do you have the computer resources?
  14. Will you require help implementing the software? Hint: You probably do.
  15. Will you need training in the use of the software? This is highly likely.


Notice in the list above QuickBooks is not even mentioned. That is because these are general consideration when selecting any accounting software. Obviously this list is not exhaustive. The purpose is to encourage you to consider what you need from your system and hope to accomplish, whether it be with QuickBooks or some other program. The reason is that people often install accounting software and it never accomplishes what they expect. This can be because they picked the wrong accounting software, the wrong version of QuickBooks, the setup was not carefully planned and implemented, and/or users were not properly trained.

Again, this is certainly not an attempt to detail everything to consider when deciding if QuickBooks is the right choice for you. I have heard business owners say things along the lines of, “I bought QuickBooks for my company” and offer know explanation as to why they selected it. The most common response when they are asked why they picked QuickBooks is, “It’s seems to be the most popular accounting software.” Popularity, while it may mean there are more people with knowledge of the product who can help you, is not a substitute for carefully evaluating needs and wants and selecting accounting software that comes closest to meeting those requirements.

If you are not sure if QuickBooks is right for your company, need to know which version best meets your needs, or need help implementing and getting started using QuickBooks, AimCFO is here to help.

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