Communication–People Thrive On It

In the blog, 4 Wants and Needs of Employees, I mentioned communications as one of the key issues for employees. I went into more depth on respect in Respect–A Great Starting Point. Now let’s take a closer look at the issue of communication.

All of us have found ourselves in one of the following situations. Either we were left out of the communication loop or communications broke down and were incomplete or fuzzy at best.

Attention, Attention

When we communicate, one of the first things we must do is be certain that we have the attention of others and likewise give them our attention. Giving our attention is important since true communication is two way. If you practice the habit of showing respect for others, you are far more likely to have their attention when you need to communicate vital information. Assuming that is the case, then be deliberate about making sure that others are ready to listen so that you truly have their attention.


Here I am dealing with all communication, but especially with critical communication. Once you have communicated, take a moment to be certain the message you sent is the one received. Have the others involved tell you in their own words their understanding of what you said or showed them. Many times people have different understandings of words and phrases, causing a breakdown in sending and receiving information. Use this validation process to clarify any misunderstanding. That way, everyone starts out on the same page.

None of Us Knows Everything

Okay, so you communicated and validated. Now what? Well, we may think we are pretty smart, but frequently others are aware of things we aren’t or simply have a better idea. Because of this, ask for your employees’ feedback and suggestions. You just may find you missed something important. It is better to know this at the beginning to avoid problems down the road. Not only is this a great way to avoid problems, but asking for feedback also continues the practice of showing respect for others, thus strengthening relationships.

What do you do to make sure communication is clear?

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