Communicate Regularly with Employees

If you’ve ever felt like as an employee you were in the dark to what was really going on, then as a manager or business owner this is for you. While there are of course businesses of only one person, once you begin to take on employees (even one) then the nature of how you operate changes, and it becomes essential that you communicate regularly with employees if you are to have happy employees who do their best for your company.

So What Is the Big Secret?

In any business there are things that need to be kept close-to-the-vest so to speak. In those cases it does make sense to keep the circle of people in the loop as small as actually needed. But, that is not what I’m concerned with in this article. I’ve worked places and had consulting work as well where there seemed to be this idea that everything was too sensitive for employees to know. As a result employees were sometimes working on things that were not what really needed to be done. For example, imagine a company that is trying to cut costs. While that process could be cause for alarm with employees that is not always the case. It could be that the cost reductions that will benefit the most will actually come from recommendations of employees. A similar situation could occur when a company is trying to improve efficiencies and leaves employees that will be impacted out of the thought process. Yet, these very employees are the ones who are most likely to have ideas that could improve things. After all, they are the ones doing the work on a daily basis. That of course does not mean someone from outside the company could not also offer insight that employees and management might not have, but it does mean employees can be a wealth of ideas. That in itself is reason enough to communicate regularly with employees.

Another Benefit

I alluded to this above, but here I want to amplify this. When employees believe they are being kept in the dark the rumor mills get moving and that can be extremely damaging. They become suspicious and wonder if they are about to lose their job. As a result there are several bad things that can happen, among them:

  • Employees lose appropriate motivation
  • Employees you need and value move to another company
  • Rumors circulate outside the company, making it more difficult to hire
  • Those same rumors negatively influence your customers and vendors

Obviously there are a lot more issues to consider, but I think these should be enough to encourage you to communicate regularly with employees. The downside is almost non-existent and the upside is huge, particular because it makes employees feel like they matter and are part of something important.

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