Check Your Assumptions

Assume your business is just humming along. There are no major problems, yet you sense that things could be better. You’ve noticed that things are not working exactly as planned – oh, again nothing major, but just little breakdowns. On top of that, there is beginning to be a loss of camaraderie and disagreements that never seem to get resolved and are becoming more and more common. Simply put, unity is missing! What is going on?

What You Thought Might be Wrong

Take a look at the image below:

old lady young optical illusion

What do you see? Some of you may see nothing that looks like anything. Others will immediately see an old woman and some will immediately see a young woman, while others will see both the old and the young woman. What was the artist painting a picture of? Your assumptions may be wrong.

Now, for our discussion, let’s say the plans for your company are represented by the young woman. What happens if others in your company think the company’s plans are different (Here we can say they are represented by the old woman). Actually, this can be a fairly good picture of what happens in a company over time. Some people continue to see things as they were (the old woman) while others have moved forward to the new plans (the young woman). Somebody’s assumptions are wrong! In other words, what they thought was right was actually wrong, perhaps very wrong.

Assumptions, Assumptions, Assumptions

In the example above, people operated using assumptions that they understood the plans and focus of the company. You, as the business owner or manager may have had assumptions that everyone understood the new direction of the company. Whenever you sense a breakdown in communication, see rising tensions in your organization, or start to experience a decrease in cooperation, stop and check your assumptions. You and others may be assuming things that simply are not true.

Things change over time, and from time to time we need to take measure of just how good a job we are doing in making sure everyone is on the same page.

What do you think? Are your employees seeing the same thing? Are their and your assumptions correct and in agreement?

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