QuickBooks – Know Your Roles

Understanding QuickBooks roles when using QuickBooks is critical, and the failure of an employee to know and understand their role can be highly destructive of the software’s usefulness. An example is the failure to use items or using them incorrectly.

Recording Sales

Items are essential to the correct functioning of QuickBooks. Without the use of items there is very little you can do in QuickBooks. Items are used in recording Read the rest of this entry »


Benefits of QuickBooks Jobs

If you are new to QuickBooks you may not be aware of one of the most useful features – Jobs. Even if you are not new to QuickBooks this may be a feature you have not considered using.

What is a QuickBooks Job?

A QuickBooks Job is simply a way of providing more information for the work you perform.

Examples of Uses

A classic example is a construction or remodeling company. The company may be performing numerous tasks for a particular Read the rest of this entry »


QuickBooks | Invoice or Sales Receipt

In QuickBooks you are offered both an Invoice or a Sales Receipt for charging customers for products and services you provide. It is important to know the uses of each.

When Does the Customer Pay?

If the customer pays after the service or products are billed, then an invoice is the best way to handle the sale. If, however, the customer pays at the time of service then it may well make sense to simply use a sales receipt. A sales receipt essentially accomplishes Read the rest of this entry »


Do You Need QuickBooks?

The title of this is really intended to get you thinking. Whether it’s QuickBooks or something else, you do need some kind of accounting system, and preferably something besides a manual system. While there are still companies that can get by with a manual system, even most of these would reap significant benefits from an accounting software package.

Accounting or Accounting Plus

Sometimes requirements involve more than just a basic accounting system. For example, if the items you sell Read the rest of this entry »


3 Serious QuickBooks Errors

Before using QuickBooks it is wise to understand some of the important things to practice to obtain the desired results. Here are 3 Serious QuickBooks Errors that are common and should be avoided.

Items Used Incorrectly

If you have used QuickBooks at all then you probably know the importance of using items. Items are one of the lists used in QuickBooks, and without them it is just about impossible to accomplish anything when using this software. You cannot even Read the rest of this entry »


Necessity of Backups

If you are anything like others, you have undoubtedly experienced the loss of data as a result of an equipment failure or an error. For example, if you work with Microsoft Excel you probably have been working on a spreadsheet and put off saving it. Then there is a power failure and you computer crashes and you lose something you have been working as well as the time devoted to it.

It Can Be Worse

Losing an Excel worksheet is frustrating, but is gets much worse. Suppose you are Read the rest of this entry »


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