Every Business Needs Accounting Done Right

Whether you’re a sole proprietor or a multi-employee small company, every business needs accounting done right. In the article Does a Part-time CFO Makes Sense? I touched on this issue, but let’s look a little deeper. Read the rest of this entry »


Too Many QuickBooks Items

QuickBooks items are one of its most powerful features, if used correctly and wisely. If you use QuickBooks, perhaps you have encountered one of the following issues with items:

  1. You have exhausted or are close to exhausting the list limits
  2. You have so many inventory or non-inventory item numbers that you are overwhelmed

Here are some thoughts on using items in QuickBooks that may save you some headaches.

Know the Limits of Items

Each version of QuickBooks has limits for list. For example, in QuickBooks Pro 2014 the limit for item lists is 14,500. That means that the total of Read the rest of this entry »


3 Reasons to Keep QuickBooks Current

Most all of us have faced a situation where we were forced to catch-up on a lot at one time. It’s not fun. Even something as simple as cleaning out a basement or garage can seem overwhelming. Record keeping can be the same, especially for a business. Since I work with QuickBooks I know how difficult it can be when trying to get things current. In the process of helping a client get QuickBooks setup and operating I have had a chance to see just how difficult and discouraging it can be when starting from several months behind. To say the least, it is highly time consuming and increases the likelihood of errors. Here are 3 reasons to keep QuickBooks current. Read the rest of this entry »


Problems of Delaying QuickBooks Start

If you are planning to use QuickBooks, delaying will only make it more difficult. Here are some reasons why.

Setup While Operating

If you decide not to implement QuickBooks at the beginning of a fiscal year, you will likely find that there is a real conflict later between staying current with your existing accounting system and doing what is necessary to start using QuickBooks. Although you can install QuickBooks with a Read the rest of this entry »


QuickBooks Two Sided Items Save Time

One of the main benefits to delving into QuickBooks in detail is to accomplish things in less time. Two sided items are one of those shortcuts. In the posting Two Common QuickBooks Mistakes I indicated just a little of the problems that can occur in QuickBooks. Not taking advantage of some very helpful features is another.

What are Two Sided Items

In QuickBooks two sided items are items that will impact more than one account. Some items by default are two sided. For example, when you Read the rest of this entry »


Two Common QuickBooks Mistakes

QuickBooks is likely the first accounting software a small businesses considers when it’s time for more than paper and spreadsheets. But here is a warning.

Everybody is an Accountant

In the attempt to not spend too much, many business owners decide they will just go out and buy a copy of QuickBooks and then do their own installation, setup, and use.

Mistake Number One

There are multiple versions of the software, such as Pro, Contractor, Manufacturing and Wholesale, etc. Unless the appropriate version is used a company may soon realize that the results are not what they expected. Along with this, the installation and setup, no matter what version is used, must be done correctly. For example, pick the wrong Read the rest of this entry »


Important Considerations for QuickBooks Implementation

There are some standard considerations when implementing QuickBooks. This list is not intended to be all inclusive. Primarily it is to encourage management to understand the complexity of QuickBooks implementation or the setup of any other accounting software. Remember the old Information Technology adage, “Garbage in, Garbage out.” When it comes to implementing accounting software this Read the rest of this entry »


What QuickBooks Product Should You Use?

In a previous blog Critical Questions When Considering QuickBooks we looked at some of the things to consider when deciding whether to use QuickBooks or some other accounting software. Assuming you have decided upon QuickBooks, let’s look now at some considerations when selecting the actual QuickBooks product to use.

Your Needs

In the previously mentioned blog was a partial list of things to consider when deciding if QuickBooks was the correct choice. Take a moment to review that list, as it is also very helpful in deciding the correct QuickBooks product to use. For example, the first item listed asked if Read the rest of this entry »


Critical Questions When Considering QuickBooks

So you’ve decided you want to use QuickBooks. Here is a word of caution. First, determine what you need to accomplish with QuickBooks and the benefits you expect before you choose QuickBooks.

What You Need

There are a number of key considerations when deciding if QuickBooks is the correct software for your company. One of the first things that should be done is to determine what you need from your accounting system. In fact, this is really something to do before you even consider QuickBooks or Read the rest of this entry »


4 Reasons to Use QuickBooks Account Numbers

QuickBooks is one those accounting systems where you can choose to enter transactions in the general ledger by using account names instead of account numbers. For many people who do not work with accounting data that often this seems like a logical way to do things, and it can be. However, there are some very valid reasons why using QuickBooks Account Numbers may be a better way to go. Here are a few of the main ones. Read the rest of this entry »


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