Business Focus

The term business focus at first may seem like a simple concept. So why do so many companies get distracted by whatever is trying to get their attention?

What is Business Focus

You likely will frequently hear people say they’re great at multi-tasking. It’s even common for a company to advertise to fill a position that requires someone with the ability to multi-task. The reality is people simply cannot effectively multi-task. What they do manage to do is try to accomplish several things at once and often not do a very good job on any. That is simply because doing something well require someone to be fully focused. For a business that means that there should generally be a narrow focus. For example, perhaps a company is being started to sell exercise equipment. They may think since they are selling a product that involves physical activity that they should also sell running gear. But here’s the reality. They first need to devote their attention to making the exercise equipment business successful before they get distracted by what at first seems to be a logical extension of their offering but may actually be for a totally different kind of target customer. In the early stages of entering a market it is almost a guarantee that things will not go as planned and adjustments will need to be made. Why add the distraction of entering another market that may have just as many problems? For the near term their business focus should concentrated on getting the exercise equipment business running smoothly.


What about Internal Operations

The same concept applies to the internal workings of an organization. It is wise to make sure that each employee or contractor knows the thing on which they should be focused. If the employee is in charge of operations you might identify streamlining order fulfillment as their primary area of focus for the foreseeable future. Of course, that doesn’t mean they don’t have other areas to manage. It simply means they place their primary focus on this one thing until it is operating as desired. This is a great opportunity to use the 80/20 rule to identify the few things that matter most and then prioritize them.

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So take a look around your company and see if people are trying to do too many things. Are they caught up in the illusion of multi-tasking? Do you have a clear business focus and are you using things like the 80/20 rule to stay that way?

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