Block Out Negative People

Don’t let negative people discourage you. Listen politely but know when to stop and turn a deaf ear to them. Some people either don’t believe you can do something or sometimes don’t even want you to succeed.

Why It Matters

Although expressing disbelief that you can do something or secretly wanting you to fail are just two ways people can be negative, they are two of the most dangerous in a business environment. Why? Precisely because you want people who will be supportive while at the same time be willing to ask the difficult questions. Yet, there are those who just want to be negative for the sake of being negative. That is when you need to remember to block out negative people before they destroy your motivation.

On the Other Hand

People who are truly on your side but ask the hard questions are ones you need to keep around. None of us knows everything, and a true friend is willing to ask the tough questions in a way the makes it clear they are rooting for your success. Yes, that even means being able to ask questions that may make you decide what you want to do is not the best thing. However, before you make that decision, be willing to push back some. Ask your own questions to be sure they really understand your perspective and what you are attempting. Sometimes all that is needed is some tweaking of your plans to make the odds of success much higher. Needing others’ input is just a fundamental truth embraced by successful people.

Another Truth

Here is a warning. If those you trust are not asking you the tough questions, even when you ask for their input, maybe you need to either consider whether they are the right people to ask or you need to make it clear to them that you really do want the brutal truth and will not be angry or offended. If however, you sense that they are just going to be negative, then as with others, block out negative people.

Beware the Downers in the World

Like it or not, there will always be people who will see the downside of everything, even when it is extremely unlikely to happen. You know the kind. They see disaster in every corner, expect failure, and are afraid to try anything new until it is proven. Given enough time, hanging with these kinds of people will get you to thinking negative and giving up on your plans before you get started. They like to remind you of every past failure and interpret it to mean the next thing you try will fail. They are simply negative. So, again, don’t forget to block out negative people before they rain on your parade.

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