Big Decision?-Sleep On It

Ever struggled to make a decision and never actually made it? Ever made a decision and you just seemed uncomfortable with it? We all have, and here is a suggestion for dealing with this.

Consider the Scope

First, consider the scope of the decision. Most decisions tend to fall into basic categories. One, there are routine day-to-day ones that really require little thought. We generally make these quickly and move on. Two, there are decisions that have a strong impact on our business and/or people. These are decisions that we use more careful thought to make. We may be fairly confident about these, especially if we know we can later make changes to correct later on down the road. But, neither of these are the decisions that concern me. There is a third type.

The Critical Decision

There are some decisions that set a course for us and our business that are not so easily changed. Why? Well, they could be ones that determine the path for a significant period of time. They could commit our company to significant expenditures. They could lock us in to a system of operation for the foreseeable future. What do you do when you are struggling to make this kind of decision to get a satisfactory level of comfort?

Seek Advice

Seeking advice involves both being sure we have collected the pertinent information to make an informed decision and then asking for critique from others. Those others may involve not just those we generally agree with, but also those whom we know from experience see things in a much different light. This process of probing and prodding our thoughts serves to point out pitfalls and things we have not considered.

Don’t Get Paralyzed

As much as I hate the term, Analysis Paralysis, I have to admit that we all sometimes get caught in this in the effort to make the perfect decision. Get over it. There is no perfect decision in business. So, make a decision.

Sleep On It

If you are still feeling discomfort, sleep on it before you finalize your decision. After you have done this you may have a few things you realize need clarification. Seek the input of others to get this clarity, and then make you final decision. Now move on and implement the decision. You may find there is more flexibility than originally thought to adjust your decision as you implement it. But remember, failing to make a decision is a decision by default.

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