Believe It Will Work

When you undertake a new project do you believe it will work? I mean really believe it. Is this important, and if so, why?

Yes, It Really Is Important

Imagine a time when you attempted something and had strong doubts you could be successful. Perhaps in school there was a subject that was difficult for you, and as a result you really doubted whether you could even pass the course. Did that affect how you approached studying? I remember as an adult taking some painting classes and there were some adult students in the class that started it believing they had no artistic ability. Fortunately the instructor had a knack for teaching a few basic skills that made these people begin to think differently. Eventually when they would start a new picture they had developed a new attitude about what they were attempting. They had started to believe it will work if they gave it a sincere effort. Oh sure, there might be setbacks along the way, but those became learning opportunities.


It’s the Same in Business

In the articles Who Says You Can’t Do That? and Beware the Naysayers we talked about the impact of negative employees on a company and how important it was to minimize their ability to essentially demoralize and discourage others.

Whether you are starting a new company, launching a new product line, implementing a new software program or doing just about anything else new in business, it is important to believe it will work. Any other kind of attitude puts you at a disadvantage and makes you more prone to giving up when things are not quite the way you want.

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