Be Willing to Try Something New

The business world is littered with the corpses of companies who were unwilling to change with the times. It really doesn’t matter whether it is products and services, methods of reaching customers, or some other aspect, the business landscape is constantly changing.

If it’s Not Broken

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it is a common saying used to justify remaining with the status quo. Sometimes I think it is just an excuse rather than a “real” justification to refuse to change. Think of some of the companies that have disappeared over the years. Although there are undoubtedly a multitude of reasons, I’m pretty sure one of the most common ones is a failure to adapt to changing customer demands and methods of doing business. In the posting If It Ain’t Broke It Will Be I made the case that even though something works now that probably will not always be the case. On a personal level there was a time when heating homes was all done with fireplaces. Does anyone think that would work in today’s world without giving up a lot of other things?

A critical step to adapting to a changing personal and business landscape is to be willing to try something new. Oh I know it can be uncomfortable to try the new, but the alternative will likely be more so.

Get Creative

Give yourself the freedom to think as they say “outside the box” and entertain ideas that may at present seem far-fetched. As an example, for years people had used keyboards exclusively, but then someone had the idea for a computer mouse. Do you think that might have seemed far-fetched at first? Now it is routine to use a mouse or touchpad to maneuver on a computer screen.

think for results

If you want continued success then you need to think about how things can be made better. This is a first step required to be willing to try something new.

Dare to Be Different

Most of us feel more comfortable if we conform. In general that makes sense and it does make life a little easier in that we don’t have to think about every decision and can just fall in line with what everyone else is doing. However, perhaps you’re a little more like me and tend to question a lot of what passes as not only normal but as the best way to do something. If we are unwilling to question the status quo then we run the risk of missing out on real opportunities.

Do you think early adopters of the power of the internet to reach customers were stuck in the past? Of course they weren’t. They had to be willing to try something new or nothing was going to change. We’d still be buying all our books at a bookstore and going to a brick and mortar store to buy most everything else except a few mail order items. In fact the internet has essentially ended the mail order business, though not entirely.

So feel free to entertain possibilities and consider alternatives to how things have always been done. What seems farfetched right now may be the norm before you know it.

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