Be Willing to Experiment

In my last posting Be Willing to Entertain What Seems Impossible I discussed the importance of learning to turn off negative, defeatist thinking and take on some challenges that at first may seem completely impossible.

Like it or not you and your surroundings are going to change. The question is, “Do you have any control over the change?” You’ve probably heard the quote, “The only thing that is constant is change” by Heraclitus or a similar saying. If you think about it, no matter how hard we try we’re going to change and experience changes of others and things. So, the choice is, you can be a catalyst for change or give up any control of the changes you experience. However, to be the catalyst you must be willing to experiment.

One of my hobbies is painting and it seems like I’m always learning something new. It could range from new materials to new kinds of paint to new techniques or any number of other things. The key is that by initiating these changes myself I experience some distinct advantages such as:

  • Improved skills
  • An element of control over changes
  • An appreciation for the ideas of others
  • Personal growth


Now this posting is about business change, but the art example is merely a visual image of someone being the catalyst for change that is desired. If we will just be willing to experiment with new ideas and concepts we have the opportunity to exercise some control over the changes we experience and the ability to target desired results.

In Business

Let’s look at an example from business. In the postings Cash Management-It’s Not About the Cash Account and Cash Flow – The Bottom Line I wrote about the significance of having adequate cash and some of the things that really determine how much cash we have. If you were to go back and read these you would see that by actively managing a business, particularly in regards to certain aspects, we have quite a lot of control over our cash balance. For example, a focus on not letting accounts receivable get too past due (see 3 Low Cost Sources of Cash – Part 2) can play an important role in providing adequate cash. There are numerous ways to keep accounts receivable under control and different ones work better in different situations. We must be willing to experiment with these difference methods to see which ones produce the change and results desired.

So, what about your company? Do you embrace change and initiate it or do you just let it happen? The choice is largely yours, but you must be flexible.

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