Are You Delivering Value?

Value is something we hear about regularly. Yet, how many of us actually pause long enough or often enough to consider the question “Are You Delivering Value?” Every company and individual would do well to explore the answer to this question. We have to consider those with whom we interact. If we don’t there is a tendency to think we are delivering value when we may not be.


Customers are an obvious category when considering value delivered. So let’s say you are selling Product A to your customers. Perhaps sales have been good. But, have you stopped to consider what’s in it for the customer? You probably heard it said that companies do not really sell products or services, but rather products and services are used to deliver what customers are actually buying. As you think about your customers and what value you are delivering, here are a few, though not exhaustive, questions to consider:

  1. Are you selling convenience?
  2. Are you selling enjoyment?
  3. Are you addressing personal customer values?
  4. Are you selling ease?
  5. Are you selling solutions to problems?
  6. Are you selling life quality?


In order for a business to operate smoothly, we must consider relationships with vendors. Believe it or not, we are delivering something of value to those from whom we buy. If we are diligent about communicating what we really need, we are furnishing our vendors with critical information needed to plan their operations. For instance, they may realize some design changes or product mix changes are in order. Also, when we pay what we owe on time, we are selling our vendors confidence in selling to us. I’ll stop here, but I think you can see that our relationships with vendors are a two-way street.


Employees are not just there to meet your needs. They have needs as well. The best leaders are those with a servant mentality. In other words, what can the employer do to help each employee be more effective and efficient in their work? Are you providing the guidance and feedback to help employees have a sense of satisfaction and contribution?


In order to continuously be delivering value, it is essential to keep our channels of communications open. Whether it is customers, vendors, employees, lenders, or others, we have to constantly be working on communicating with them. I believe the best way to do this is to ask the right questions and then be quiet, listen to the answers, and ask more questions to get clarification and to validate your understanding. We need to listen more than we talk if we are to get honest answers. As the saying goes, you were given two ears and one mouth for a reason. The Bible puts it this way. “Everyone should be quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to become angry” James 1:19

I’m really just offering some thoughts that I believe may help you make your business more successful. When was the last time you stopped to consider, “Are You Delivering Value?

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