Advantage of an Aggressive Business Approach

When is it appropriate to be aggressive in business? The answer is not as straight-forward as it may seem.

What is Aggressive?

Definitions of aggressive are varied, ranging from unprovoked offense to boldly assertive or pushy to competitive to making an all-out effort to win. For purposes of this article I will eliminate those offensive ones that indicate a tendency to walk over others and focus on making an all-out effort to win. At first some people may even find that offensive and over the top, but let me clarify what I mean by that. Essentially, when I think of making an all-out effort to win I merely mean giving it your best and not giving up too soon. In sports we see this all the time and applaud it.

Examples of Appropriate Aggression

Imagine you are starting a new business. It is almost guaranteed that you will run into roadblocks to your success that at first may seem insurmountable. It is also likely that many will be a surprise. When you take an aggressive business approach it merely means to stay after your main goal and not giving up too soon. It in no way means that you step on the rights of others or do things that you know will offend others. A word of caution is in order though. Some people will be offended no matter what you are doing, so keep in mind that some people don’t want you to succeed. Likewise, if you are an employee wanting to advance in your company you need to be aggressive without causing damage to others. Yet again, remember that just because you outperform others does not mean being aggressive was wrong. Basically, appropriately used aggression is merely staying focused.

So What are the Advantages?

As mentioned above, an aggressive business approach is maintaining a focused approach to meeting goals and not giving up too soon. That is the first advantage. Focus reduces the tendency to get distracted by other less important things. That does not mean dropping everything else, but just that in general they will take a backseat to the main goal when you are working on it. However, remember to build-in time to address the other things and the people they impact.

A second advantage to an aggressive business approach is that it helps you to see the intricacies of what you are doing. When you take a lackadaisical approach to meeting your main goal, such as getting a start-up running and profitable as quickly as possible, you get distracted by other less important things. When you do that you will not see your goal and what it involves as clearly.

A third advantage to an aggressive business approach is that it causes you to daily be reminded of just what you are trying to accomplish. Just as a coach expects the players to give it their all, you also should hold yourself accountable to the same standard.

There is another thing to remember. Despite being aggressive, we all need a break from what we are doing. Make sure to schedule that as an essential part of your aggressive business approach. You will likely find that ideas to improve your chances of success will come to you doing this down time.

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