What We Do

AimCFO provides Part-time CFO services for small business.  We specialize in helping you grow your small business through effective planning, improving management of your finances, and enhancing the interaction between various aspects of your business such as finance, operations, sales, marketing, and administration.

Our Vision

The vision of AimCFO is to help small businesses focus their vision in order to maximize growth and profit and realize their potential.

Our Mission

AimCFO seeks to be the “Go to” resource for small distributors, manufacturers, service, and retail companies needing regular guidance in managing their finance and accounting operations.

Our Values

Purpose – Everyone needs a sense of purpose and it should be reflected in their work.

Integrity – All work must be performed with the highest degree of honesty.  Anything less is dishonorable.

Principles – Certain principles govern life in general and business in particular, and acting in accordance with these principles is best for business and people.

Value – In business and in all of life, everyone should strive to deliver excellent value in whatever they are engaged.

Work – Work is honorable and business ownership presents a special opportunity to honor your God-given calling, talents, abilities, and gifts.

People – While everyone has their own individual purpose in life, if it is not used to benefit others it misses the mark.

Individuals and Groups – Although each individual has something to offer, the greatest achievements require cooperation and interaction with others.

Work/Life Balance – There should be a balance between family, work, community, and play as all are vital.

Enjoyment – While we sometimes find it necessary to perform unpleasant tasks, we should seek to enjoy our work as much as possible.


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