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3 Reasons to Delegate

There is a debate that has existed for probably as long as business has existed; whether to delegate or not. I personally believe there are a number of reasons to delegate, with a caveat. With that said let’s look at some reasons to delegate.

You Can’t Be Everywhere

Unless you are omnipresent like God (which none of us are), then you cannot be everywhere. That by default means you cannot make Read the rest of this entry »


Integrity | A Business Essential

I’m amazed at the number of companies I hear about who have caused customers, employees, and suppliers immense financial pain because of a lack of integrity. Think about the housing bubble and the financial fiasco creating with the collapse of the sub-prime housing market and the bundled loans. What about the Madoff Ponzi scheme? How many people were hurt there?

Trustworthy and Dependability

In the posting Talk to Your Vendors we looked briefly at Read the rest of this entry »


Listen to the Customer

Ever sensed you weren’t really being listened to? In the communications cluttered world we live in, listening often seems to be a lost art. If you haven’t experienced this it would be highly unusual. Whether on the personal level or in business, it helps to view the questioner as a customer. If we don’t understand the question, how can we hope to provide excellent customer service? We must listen to the customer.

An Example

A personal experience that immediately comes to mind is a time when I attempted to ask a question just to get some clarification about Read the rest of this entry »


Think Outside the Box | What Box?

When you here the phrase, “think outside the box” what comes to mind?

You Want What?

I’ve heard people say they want to hire someone who can think outside the box or that they themselves are outside the box thinkers. But that raises the question, “What is this box we’re talking about?”

The Artificial Box

Perhaps you’ve heard the quote credited to George Bernard Shaw, “People who say it cannot be done should not interrupt those who are doing it.” In other words, those who Read the rest of this entry »


Agile Employees | Agile Company

The business environment is changing at an unprecedented rate, and a rate that is accelerating. There are underlying reasons and also ways to address this. It really is a case where a business either changes or gets left behind, eventually dwindling to irrelevance. By irrelevance I don’t mean a small business. A small business can be a significant player in a specific market, especially Read the rest of this entry »


Mutual Failure or Mutual Success?

If you have worked long you have likely seen a case where two individuals or departments within the same company appeared out to destroy one another. It is actually an easy trap to get caught in. Back during the Cold War between the U.S. and its allies with the USSR there was a phrase “Mutually Assured Destruction” (MAD for short). Essentially the idea served as a deterrent to both sides from launching a nuclear attack on the other as it was believed that in the end they both would be destroyed. Sometimes in business this MAD idea seems to be in play, except that it Read the rest of this entry »


Responding to Unmet Expectations

One of my favorite books of all time is Telling Yourself the Truth by William Backus and Marie Chapian. Essentially the book addresses how we so often tell ourselves things that upon closer examination simply are not true. One particular thing discussed is telling our self lies when someone fails to meet our expectations. Unfortunately this is an easy trap to fall into because we are so often unaware of our self-talk. This leads to something in business that we often do not comprehend. Below is a rather extreme example. Read the rest of this entry »


What is Business Success?

Is your business successful? How do you know whether it is or isn’t? First, you need to know what success looks like.

Traditional Definition of Success

Traditionally we tend to think of success along the lines of achieving goals, obtaining wealth, favorable outcome, or something similar. We even refer to someone who has done this as a success. Let’s look a little closer.

Some Examples

In sports the pinnacle of success is winning a national title, a championship, or a medal such as the gold medal in the Olympics. In business we might consider success as Read the rest of this entry »


The Clock Watcher

You have probably worked with someone who always managed to stretch their workload to seemingly fit exactly into 8 hours. There’s more to it than meets the eye.

The Employee

There really are employees who are more concerned with working exactly 40 hours and no more. They always seem to be aware of what time it is. This undoubtedly is a distraction from their work responsibilities and makes one wonder what their priorities are. Yes, they are indeed a clock watcher. But, there is another side.

The Employer

Just as some employees seem overly concerned with the clock, there are also employers who have the same issue. Some of you may have experienced the wrath of some of these type managers. They’re the ones who seem more concerned with whether Read the rest of this entry »


Uninterrupted Time Off

Ever been on vacation or a holiday and seen others tied up on their laptop, tablet, or smartphone taking care of business? That is certainly not uninterrupted time off. Perhaps you have experienced the same thing. My question is, does that count as time to rest and recuperate?

Nobody is That Crucial to a Business

While individuals are not replaceable to family and friends, that is not true for work. Think about it. We have all known someone who died. For their family the loss left a void that can never be filled. The same is true when someone leaves the family. The best they can do is to mourn their loss and then eventually move forward.

However, when it comes to business, what happens when someone dies or quits? There may be other employees who feel a sense of loss, but usually not like that of losing a family member. In the case of an employee who quits, there may also be a sense of Read the rest of this entry »


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